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Celebrating Tradition and Building Connections: A Night at 'The 48 Group Club' Annual Chinese New Year Dinner

On the 3rd February 2024, Shanghai Asian Insurance Brokers (UK) Ltd had the pleasure of attending 'The 48 Group' Annual Chinese New Year Dinner; an event filled with cultural richness and networking opportunities, attended by some of the UK's largest Chinese enterprises and finance figures.

Hosted by The 48 Group, The Chinese New Year Dinner is not merely a social gathering. It is attended by the UK's leading businesses, in including other members of the prestigious Group, as well as the China Chamber of Commerce UK, bringing together professionals, entrepreneurs, and leaders from various industries to celebrate the Chinese New Year in style.

Events like these are about building genuine connections based on mutual repect and shared interests. Whether engaging in discussions about industry trents, exchanging business ideas, or simply enjoying each other's company, every interaction contributes to the fabric of professional relationships that can be invaluabel for our future as a conduit between the UK and the Chinese insurance market.

In an increasingly globalised world, bridging cultural gaps amd building bringes between communities is more important than ever. Attending The 48 Group's Annual Chiense New Year Dinner is very much about being part of an international community united by a shared appreciation for culture, tradition and mutual respect. It was a night filled with camaraderie, laughter, and the promise of new beginings as wel welcomed the Year of the Dragon.


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