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At SAIB, our team utilises our relationships with the world's leading reinsurers who have some of the best commercial risk solutions, in order to obtain the best coverage and pricing for our international reinsurance clientele. 

Climate change and political instability has increased the frequency and severity of unpredictable, large-scale losses, from tropical storms, to earthquakes, pandemics and political conflict. This has highlighted, more than ever, the importance of the reinsurance sector and its role in working closely with cedants to provide reliable, consistent information, pricing, and risk advice.


At SAIB UK, our team, with over 3 decades of experience in the global Reinsurance market, can help our clients obtain the best products at the best pricing, whether that is facultative reinsurance business, or binder capacity, across a wide range of commerical product lines:

Wind Turbines


With onset of climate change, the risks presented to the global energy sector are greater than ever. With the increasing frequency of natural disasters from tropical storms to droughts increasingly threatening the stability and profitability of upstream, midstream and downstream energy operations, it has become imperative for energy insurers to protect themselves from catastrophic losses. 

Cruise Boat


Operating at sea comes with a number of risks, from collision to cargo damage, to business interruption. With often highly valuable cargo and large business revenues at risk, it is important for marine insurers to work with reinsurers to share their risk. 

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SAIB UK has extensive specialist knowledge in property reinsurance, and has access to some of the industry's leading property reinsurance underwriters, and can help fulfil your risk management requirements, whether that is for facultative reinsurance, or binder capacity.

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Construction is an industry with unique needs and evolving risks. With access to flexible coverages and risk engineering services, we can help to protect your projects, maintain profitability and keep your people safe.



The aviation industry faces a number of complex, specialised risks. With access to some of Lloyd's best aviation underwriters, our team can help obtain the most suitable aviation reinsurance cover or capacity.

London Tube


We listen carefully to our clients in order to understand their exact capacity and coverage requirements. This allows us to effectively manage their risks, and ensures our confidence in the cover and terms we obtain, whether that may be a straight-forward, industry-compliant policy, or a bespoke offering. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team for further enquiries.

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